Events In This Story

Mena, Arkansas

Laundering Money Through the Arkansas Housing and Economic Development Agency

South Central LA

$4 Trillion Plus in Missing Money

PROMIS Software

Organized Crime and American Power

Iran Contra


Privitization, A.K.A. “Piritization”

Dirty Tricks, Control Files and Physical Danger

Narco Dollars and America’s Addiction to Dirty Money

Using Not-For-Profits and Universities

Cui Bono? – Who Benefits?

D’Ferdinand deposition by attorney Ray Kohlman – testimony

Tom Ferdinand deposition by attorney Ray Kohlman – (link no longer available)

Private Banking

The Via Dolorosa

Other Articles by Catherine Austin Fitts Related to Tapeworm Economics

“The recent departure of New York Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso makes this article, first published in 2001, very prescient, especially in the light of Mr. Grasso’s trip to Colombia where he met FARC commanders responsible for providing security for narco-traffickers. Was Grasso making an in person sales call to negotiate with the drug cartel which was threatening to pull their investments from the stock exchange? That might be worth a $140 million pay package.”
– Uri Dowbenko

Chronology & Data Dump Research Tools

To write Dillon Read and the Aristocracy of Prison Profits, Catherine drew on several chronologies and data dumps. They are linked below with the caveat that some of this material has not been checked or edited. The reader should assume it is preliminary and subject to change.