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Your hosts for this seminar are Catherine Austin Fitts, president of Solari, Inc. and successful Wall Street and Washington DC investment banker, and Franklin Sanders, President of The Moneychangers and successful farmer, and precious metals expert. For an overview see the Product Description and course Outline below. For a quick rundown on how our audio seminars are conducted, see How Solari Audio Seminars Work. You are encouraged to do the Recommended Reading before or after listening to this audio seminar, and, as time allows, to enhance your understanding even further via the Additional Links listed below. We will end each event with a brief invocation.


This audio seminar was recorded live on July 22, 2005.

We live in an abundant world. However, we have built an economy where making money all too often destroys our real wealth -- our environment, our communities, our health, our skill base and our financial well being.

In this seminar, Franklin Sanders helps us see the difference between chasing "money profits" in a political economy and enjoying financial prosperity by growing real wealth.

  • What is the difference between money and real wealth?
  • How do we get out of the "hot money" game and back to building real wealth?
  • What are the attitudes, behavior and activities that create real wealth?
  • How do we create products and services that are of real value?
  • How do we build sustainable infrastructure, enterprises and tools?

At his Top of the World Farm in Tennessee, Franklin Sanders is a living example of real wealth building. With his wife Susan, he is a successful precious metals dealer, farmer and author. He and Susan have seven beautiful children and even more grandchildren. From a lifetime of experience on the ground, there is no one better at de-mystifying our current money system or describing the opportunity to get back to the basics of building real wealth.

"One of the points I like to make to people who have contemplated economic crash way too long is ...that the morning after the crash, someone is going to wake up wanting breakfast. And someone else is going to cook breakfast for them.
   – Franklin Sanders

This audio seminar is one of our favorites -- and essential background for anyone who wants to get out of a political economy that is destroying our world and get back to building real wealth.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Difference Between Money and Wealth?
  3. The History of Coinage and Money Systems
  4. The Greek Example – Risks that Money Creates – Production vs Speculation
  5. America's Confusion – Making Money Profits vs Building Real Wealth
  6. Money Profits – Dependency on the Federal Credit and It's Speculation
  7. Recognizing This Parasitic Economy ("The Tapeworm")
  8. Fundamental Principles of Building Real Wealth

    #1 Service
    How do you get people to give you their money? You serve them.
    You give them something they really need.

    #2 Invest in Your Self & Your Own Business
    Money can not provide reliable security – skills and small business can

  9. Local Venture Capital Example

    Investing Equity in Mississippi – Chicken Packing Plant, Lumber Yard and other businesses that were long term investments that created wealth in their day.

  10. Looking at the World Around Us with Wonder and Creating a Community that
    Has a Commitment to Building Wealth Together

  11. Portfolio Strategy Simulation by Catherine's Solari Investor Circle

    1. Local liquid portfolio:
      Cash, bank CD's and precious metals

    2. Local non liquid portfolio
      Home and home improvements
      Local investments

    3. Global, liquid portfolio:
      Stocks, bonds and foreign currencies

    4. Global, illiquid
      Land abroad

    Lessons learned:

    1. The key investment decision has been deciding where we wanted to live and who we wanted to live with.

    2. The local non liquid portfolio has the best opportunities. However, it requires a significant investment of time

  12. Building Real Wealth Requires Real Effort
  13. Taking Our Money Back from Intermediaries
  14. Seeing the Dependency of our Assets on the Federal Credit

    Example: Diversified Portfolio of Bonds, Stocks and Bank CD's
    Example: Tennessee Farm Business
    Risk: Dependency on Military Force

  15. Security Comes from Building Real Wealth, Not From Making Money Profits

    Example: Jiffy Mix
    Example: Who Made Money During the Great Depression?

  16. The Risks and Effort Involved in Building Real Enterprises

  17. The Opportunity to Reverse the Export-Import Flows of Our Bank Deposits and Investments & the Dangers of Intermediation

    Example: The Tennessee Constitution

  18. Solari Model: Creating Wealth by Reducing Debt and Reducing Consumption

  19. Transforming Beyond Intermediaries and Professional

  20. Question & Answer Period

    –The Outlook for the US Dollar
    –Reclaiming Personal Sovereignty

  21. Invocation

Franklin highly recommends the book Money and Man: A Survey of Monetary Experience, by Eglin Groseclose, Ungar Publishing, 1967. And Catherine highly recommends Franklin's newsletters and reports available at The Moneychanger (click on the Moneychangers Subscription Offer at left for special offer to our listeners).

See also Other Links below for additional background and references.

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