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HUD award of financial advisory service contract to Hamilton (Contract #18161).


HUD award of Task Order #7 to conduct the West of the Mississippi mortgage sale under financial advisory service contract #18161.


HUD award of "crosscutting" financial advisory services contract to Hamilton (Contract #18505).


HUD award of Task Order #1 under crosscutting contract under which, among many other tasks, Hamilton acted as crosscutting financial advisor on the North Central mortgage sale.


Hamilton submits voucher via US mail to Kenneth Kitahara, HUD, for services under contract #18505.


Demand payment letter from HUD’s contracting officer, Annette Hancock, to C. Austin Fitts for alleged failure of performance on bid instructions to Lucent/Bell Lab (subcontractor for Optimization Model) under Crosscutting and North Central contracts.


Letter from Jenner & Block on behalf of Hamilton to Annette Hancock, HUD Contracting Officer, in response to 10/17/97 letter. Hamilton's response letter refuted the allegation that Hamilton hid the optimization discrepancy purportedly at issue. Furthermore, it explained the minimal effect of the optimization discrepancy. In addition, Jenner & Block explained that Hamilton did not act as an underwriter and/or guarantor.


Voucher letter from Hamilton to Phil Graham of HUD Contracting Office for contract #18505.


Contract dispute claim from Hamilton to Annette Hancock, HUD Contracting Officer, regarding withholding of payments owed Hamilton for Contract #18505.


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